What are the advantages and benefits of the EMS Muscle Training Chair?

It is a non-surgical, non-invasive and non-medicated treatment. The EMS Muscle Training Chair treats urinary incontinence that can be caused by weight gain, vaginal childbirth, age, menopause, It can also treat faecal leakage. An advantage of the treatments can cause increased orgasm intensity and vaginal rejuvenation.


What are the disadvantages of the EMS Muscle Training Chair?

No disadvantages have been reported.


Do the treatments hurt, is there any discomfort and what sensation do you feel?

You will experience a tingling feeling in your pelvic area, as the intensity increases with the repeated contractions your therapist will adjust the intensity to suit your comfort. After the treatments you may experience a sensation of muscle workout in your pelvic area.


How quickly will you feel the results?

Most clients experience an improvement after 8 treatments, scheduled twice a week. You may experience an improvement after only a few treatments but this will depend on the severity of your condition.


Who is eligible to make use of the EMS Muscle Training Chair?

Men and women of any age who are affected with urinary incontinence, vaginal looseness and faecal leakage.


Who is not eligible to make use of the EMS Muscle Training Chair?

Clients with implanted electronic devices such as a pacemaker, or any artificial joints, metal / foreign objects in the body. No Copper IUD. Cancer patients, patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation treatments. Pregnant or Breast feeding clients.


Is the EMS Muscle Training Chair suitable for males and females?



How long are the treatments and how many treatments do you need?

The treatments are 28 minutes per session and you need approximately 10. Two treatments a week. Clients are not permitted to do a treatment whilst they are having their monthly menstruation.


Are the treatments permanent and do you need maintenance treatments and how often?

Treatment results can last between 6 – 12 months after the completion of your recommended course. You may choose to undergo maintenance treatments.


How do the treatments work?

The EMS Pelvic Training Chair utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, “HIFEM Technology” to strengthen deep pelvic floor muscles. The HIFEM Technology induces contractions muscular contractions that are equivalent to 11,000 Kegel exercises in 28 minutes.


Can the EMS Pelvic Training Chair tighten your vagina?

The EMS Pelvic Training Chair is recommended for incontinence by strengthening and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. An added benefit is that by doing so it provides vaginal rejuvenation to improve the tightness and increased sensation of the vagina and provide an increased orgasm intensity.


What causes incontinence?

Menopause, pregnancy, natural childbirth, age, being overweight, constipation.


Is there any downtime after the treatments?

There is no downtime, as this is a non-invasive procedure, you can resume your normal daily activities immediately after the treatment.


What are the contraindications for the use of the EMS Muscle Training Chair?

Clients with Cancer, undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, any metal objects in their body, pregnant clients are also not eligible for these treatments.


Can you use the EMS Muscle Training Chair after childbirth and how soon thereafter?

It is recommended that you allow 3 months after child birth to start undergoing EMS Muscle Training Chair for natural child birth. For clients that have had a Caesarean section child birth, to allow 10 weeks post birth and depending on how their body has healed.


How soon after surgery can you start EMS Muscle Training Chair?

This would depend on the type of surgery you had and it would be best to consult with your doctor prior to starting any treatments.





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