What is the Needle-Less Threads?

The Iconic Needle-Less Thread is the latest, non-invasive alternative to achieve a younger & slimmer facial contour without going under going surgery or having botox.

This unique & painless facelift uses a formulated thread which dissolves into the skin using a specially formulated essence that breaks the threads into molecules.


The Iconic Needless-Less Threads then utilizes an advanced nanosphere technology to ensure the stable penetration of active ingredients without being affected by external factors.

The treatment is focused to enhance the lifting and tightening effect to create a more contoured facial appearance.


 Needle-Less Threads is used to:

• Increase collagen production

• Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

• Enhance skin elasticity

• Improve overall skin tone

• Brighten dull skin

• Tighten and lift facial expressions

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