Dermaplaning is a simple and safe clinical procedure that exfoliate the epidermis, while removing vellus hair. While the procedure has been around for 35 years or more, it has recently gained popularity in the aesthetics field. The procedure is completed by gently gliding a stainless-steel scalpel blade across the skin to remove keratinized cells and ‘peach fuzz’. Dermaplaning can help smooth scaring and acne, reduce uneven skin tone, as well as minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermaplaning is a stand-alone treatment and is great for those who want a deep exfoliation. It is also a wonderful treatment to do if you have excess vellus hair. Vellus hair causes a build-up of debris and oils in the follicle. Removing this hair gives healthier looking skin and a radiant appearance. Dermaplaning before an event gives your makeup application a smooth finish.

Removing hair and excess debris from the skin allows active skin care ingredients to penetrate better

and with fewer products needed. Saving you money on home care as well as promoting quicker

results in achieving your skin care goals.

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